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Drunk With Joy - biog image B&W

Multi-instrumentalist/sound designer/producer Kris Jager and lyric poet/composer/vocalist Mila Oshin have collaborated under the name of artist duo Drunk With Joy for more than ten years. In addition to working with other film and theatre makers in London and the South West, their own self-released works have been performed/broadcast/sold in 14 countries over five continents to date.

They are also founders and artistic directors of South West-based cross-artform production and presentation platform Joy Experiment, with which they devised, directed and performed a 2008-10 Arts Council funded showcase tour that presented the work of 15 contemporary visual, performance and digital artists on their own live soundtrack. In addition to, most recently, producing/directing/performing a number of short music films, they founded major international multi-artform exhibition and research initiative Project AfterBirth in 2014 with partners from the Museum of Motherhood, New York, Birth Rites Collection, Manchester, the Photographers’ Gallery, London and White Moose, North Devon, as well as 30 contemporary artists from all over the world.

On 7 December 2015, Drunk With joy will be releasing the new poetry collection and music album Passage.

‘Reclaiming pop music as a credible artform’ – The Fly (Britain’s No.1 Music Magazine)
‘An understated masterpiece’ – Aesthetica Magazine (on the album ‘Sound Living’)
‘Pioneering’ – Scotland On Sunday (on ‘Project AfterBirth’)