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Writer – In Other Words

I have been writing for several years. As a child but was not encouraged which really effected my confidence. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and Scotopic sensitivity syndrome as an adult. I spent 7 months traveling in South America in 2008 and kept a blog. I received good feed back and ever since the words somehow just fall onto paper. I have completed night courses and I am studying Creative Writing long distance. I enjoy writing short stories, flash fiction and poetry. I have put all my fears about spelling, and gone for it.

This project is the first time my work as been made public, and due to the supportive nature, and being around other LGBT people, I feel I am in a safe space. It has given me a taste and drive to follow my dream of taking writing to the next level, wile staying true to myself. That there is beauty in writing about sexuality, and the politics and issues that come with this. I also grew up and came out in Plymouth, making this project close to my heart.