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We’ll Meet in Moscow is a response to the banning of Gay Pride in Moscow for one hundred years. As we celebrate equal marriage rights here in England and Wales, LGBTQ rights are being diminished elsewhere around the world. In a way that is unimaginable. We hope to make work that is beautiful and resonating, to tell stories about falling in love and the struggles that can face LGBTQ people when doing so.

The team

We’ll Meet in Moscow is an arts based project researching and developing a combination of elements. These encompass at its heart:

  • Live performance
  • Emerging wider participatory engagement platforms with LGBTQ groups and organisations in the South West region
  • Writing a critical presence across project activities
  • Exploring building a digital space to host stories about love and pride

This exploration considers as a launching off point for content:

A love story between two women that spans a hundred years, moves across continents, occurs in a multitude of languages.

A story about hope, the distances we might travel, and the lengths we might go to when falling in love.

After almost three years of project activity, We’ll Meet in Moscow has created a body of diverse work and outreach projects, and developed an extended team of collaborators – read more about our projects here.